Do you have unsightly ripples or waves in your carpet?  This is usually caused by incorrect installation.  The installer likely used only a knee kicker, leaving excess carpet.  Over time the carpet starts to bunch up in high traffic areas or where furniture has been moved.  If it is very loose, carpet can ripple just with a change of temperature or humidity.  These ripples are ugly and can be a tripping hazard!  

There is a solution:  Power Stretching.  A power stretching tool braces against one wall and pushes the loose carpet toward the opposite wall.  The excess carpet is then trimmed off the edge and the rug is tucked back in snug and secure.

Before stretching, we try to get most of the furniture and smaller items out of the room being stretched.  Sometimes, one or two larger items can be left it the room.  These can be shifted from one side of the room to another during the process of stretching.

Stretching carpet takes time.  The price for this service runs between $75.00 and $125.00 per room.  If you would like a free on site estimate, we are happy to accommodate your request.

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